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Teaching An Old Dog New Tweets

I pride myself that at my age I can understand the power of social media — the reach of LinkedIn columns, tweets, podcasts, my Pickens Plan website. I use each platform to share viewpoints, have public discussions with big thinkers and policy influencers, and learn new things in the process.


Everybody Wins With Competitive Philanthropy

Reflecting back on my life – all 89 years of it – I’m more convinced than ever that I was put on this Earth to make money and be generous with it. Not until my 70s did I achieve billionaire status. And that’s when I stepped up my already considerable charitable giving. For some, charitable giving is a key component of preserving their legacy. They seed a foundation and, by distributing the required 5 percent annually, ensure their legacy for decades.

That’s not the path I chose. I established the T. Boone Pickens Foundation more than a decade ago, seeding it with more than $100 million over two consecutive years. The directive I gave my team: find great projects and exhaust the funding within a year of it being given. Further, like March Madness, use the philanthropy to inject a competitive spirit among the recipients.


Three thoughts for Texas on spending emissions settlement

This article originally appeared on It’s time for Texas to score big on the economic and environmental fronts — and here’s my playbook to make it happen. Consider this an open letter to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The background: German automaker Volkswagen was caught cheating on emissions tests and settled for $16 … Continue reading Three thoughts for Texas on spending emissions settlement


T. Boone Pickens' statement on the passing of longtime Dallas Morning News outdoor editor Ray Sasser

Ray Sasser was not just one of the greatest outdoor writers in Texas, he was one of the most respected outdoor writers in the country. His success and following were rooted in the fact he didn’t just cover the outdoors, he loved all that it meant to hunters, fishermen and conservation as a whole. To … Continue reading T. Boone Pickens' statement on the passing of longtime Dallas Morning News outdoor editor Ray Sasser


Making new plans, setting new priorities

With fingers crossed, I have no intention of fading away. It’s just time to get my affairs in order. As I’ve long said, a fool with a plan can beat a genius without one every day. I am creating a new plan that will include turning my full attention to recovering my health and continuing to invest in personal passions like promoting unbridled entrepreneurship and philanthropic and political endeavors. I fully intend to continue to provide my perspective on energy and cultural commentary.


A new beginning for Mesa Vista Ranch

Growing up in Holdenville, Oklahoma, I once walked five miles from town down to the Canadian River – and back – to earn a Boy Scout Merit Badge.

Today, some 80 years later, that very same Canadian River remains a prominent part of my life. It forms the northern boundary of my picturesque 65,000-acre Mesa Vista Ranch in the northeast corner of the Texas Panhandle. The ranch’s name commemorates the stunning mesa views to the north that mark the southern edge of the Great Plains.

Years ago, at a high school commencement speech for my grandson, I offered to trade the Mesa Vista (and my jet and my billion-dollar bank account) for their place as graduating seniors with a lifetime of dreams and accomplishments to come.

Today, however, trading my ranch is off the table. Selling it is not. I’m officially putting it on the market. Asking price: $250 million.