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Taking charge of my own brain health

In a few weeks – May 22 to be exact – I will celebrate my 91st birthday.

I’m a lucky man, but I recognize a lot has changed for me in the past few decades.Twenty years ago, for example, I worked out with a trainer every morning. The goal was to be physically fit and, yes, help the body live as long as I could possibly push the envelope. But a stroke and a head injury later, I realize I could have been strengthening my brain capacity as well. Now recovering slowly, I’m all on that.

Supporting brain health research has been both a philanthropic mission and a physiological experience for me lately. In addition to donating to The University of Texas at Dallas’ Center for BrainHealth for educational and research initiatives, I’ve also been a participant in research projects.


The most important question to jump-start any meeting

During the seven decades of my career, I have had a great track record of building outstanding teams. I have always felt it important to concentrate on our goals, not the size of our organization.

To me, measuring profits has always been a better yardstick than the size of our budgets. There is little point in developing a $10,000 accounting system to track 10 cent pencils.

I credit much of my success to how well these teams performed. While knowing your team and supporting them in times good and bad are critical, defining a culture and setting expectations are equally essential. Communication is the key — there should be no surprises. If I’m in the loop, I’m on your team.

I find the most important question I can ask to start a meeting is simply, “Whaddya got?”


Moving My Childhood Home

I grew up in Holdenville, Oklahoma, where they liked to say “the pavement ends, the West begins, and the Rock Island crosses the Frisco.” Over the years, the house where I was raised has been relocated from Holdenville to my Mesa Vista Ranch in West Texas and now mostly recently to Stillwater, Oklahoma where I plan to be buried.


Edward W. “Rusty” Rose Award

The Edward W. “Rusty” Rose Award, presented by the Great Investors’ Best Ideas Foundation (GIBI) in Dallas, is a lifetime award presented to an individual who has done the most to bring truth and transparency to public securities markets. Rusty Rose was a straight-talker and legendary investor. I knew him well, as he was one of the first to visit with me when I first moved to Dallas. This award is meant to carry on his legacy and memory, and his tenacity and passion in this arena. I am greatly honored to be its recipient this year.