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The most important question to jump-start any meeting

During the seven decades of my career, I have had a great track record of building outstanding teams. I have always felt it important to concentrate on our goals, not the size of our organization.

To me, measuring profits has always been a better yardstick than the size of our budgets. There is little point in developing a $10,000 accounting system to track 10 cent pencils.

I credit much of my success to how well these teams performed. While knowing your team and supporting them in times good and bad are critical, defining a culture and setting expectations are equally essential. Communication is the key — there should be no surprises. If I’m in the loop, I’m on your team.

I find the most important question I can ask to start a meeting is simply, “Whaddya got?”


Moving My Childhood Home

I grew up in Holdenville, Oklahoma, where they liked to say “the pavement ends, the West begins, and the Rock Island crosses the Frisco.” Over the years, the house where I was raised has been relocated from Holdenville to my Mesa Vista Ranch in West Texas and now mostly recently to Stillwater, Oklahoma where I plan to be buried.


Edward W. “Rusty” Rose Award

The Edward W. “Rusty” Rose Award, presented by the Great Investors’ Best Ideas Foundation (GIBI) in Dallas, is a lifetime award presented to an individual who has done the most to bring truth and transparency to public securities markets. Rusty Rose was a straight-talker and legendary investor. I knew him well, as he was one of the first to visit with me when I first moved to Dallas. This award is meant to carry on his legacy and memory, and his tenacity and passion in this arena. I am greatly honored to be its recipient this year.


Center for Security Policy’s “Sacred Honor Award”

Last week, the Center for Security Policy held a ceremony for the 2018 Keeper of the Flame Award, presented annually since 1990 to an individual who has devoted their public career to the promotion and protection of freedom and “Peace Through Strength.” This year’s honoree was Rep. Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Permanent Select … Continue reading Center for Security Policy’s “Sacred Honor Award”