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Center for Security Policy’s “Sacred Honor Award”

Last week, the Center for Security Policy held a ceremony for the 2018 Keeper of the Flame Award, presented annually since 1990 to an individual who has devoted their public career to the promotion and protection of freedom and “Peace Through Strength.” This year’s honoree was Rep. Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Permanent Select … Continue reading Center for Security Policy’s “Sacred Honor Award”


Pickens Plan 10th Anniversary

July 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of when I launched the Pickens Plan to focus America’s attention on the need for an energy plan that addresses the national security threat posed by our crushing dependence on OPEC oil. The oil and gas industry has moved us ever closer to energy independence, and, 10 years later, our energy picture is brighter than it has been in decades.


Teaching An Old Dog New Tweets

I pride myself that at my age I can understand the power of social media — the reach of LinkedIn columns, tweets, podcasts, my Pickens Plan website. I use each platform to share viewpoints, have public discussions with big thinkers and policy influencers, and learn new things in the process.